At he age  of  37 Regina embarked on a yearlong sabbatical. She studied art throughout our nation. She attended art workshops from masters in acrylic, watercolor, pastels and oil.  She studied in Florence, Italy and The Art Students league in NYC.  During these travels she visited museums and cathedrals, immersing herself in art.  The artist inside her was reborn.

   In 1999 Regina began teaching art, and opened The Art Korner in Stockton, CA. She developed a curriculum that is still used there today.  Many students in the beginning days stayed for years and won awards at many art shows.  Each year an art exhibition in the same style as the large art galleries.

   After taking a few years off to take care of her mother (her mother has passed) Regina is now back to teaching art.  Wanting class size smaller and safer she work out of Hobby Lobby in Stockton.  Again the arttist inside her has been born yet again.