Fine art instruction in an old school manner. I have been teaching art for over twenty years to both kids and adults.  I also continue to learn and develop as an artist myself. Oil, acrylic and watercolor.  Efficient with both beginner and intermediate artist.     Come join us now!

Mission Statement: To develop artists and lead them to greater levels then ever imagined in a therapeutic and loving manor

I teach your child to see their world with artist eyes.  Using the Monart method of understanding the line family; anyone can learn to draw.  We change mediums throughout the year.  We  are currently working in watercolor thru most of May. June will be "artist choice". Now having worked in all mediums during the past nine months, they can choose their favorite. Drawing skills will be taught with warm up drawing in every class.

Throughout the year we work in watercolor, sculpture, oil pastel, acrylic and printmaking.  I teach techniques used for centuries to develop masterpieces with modern themes to stay relevant, Color mixing, drawing, principles of design, values, shadows and highlights.  You will be amazed at your child's improvements in art and confidence.                      art classes for kids and adults
stockton, ca  
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