Supplies List

colors same for oil or acrylic

Titanium white (always get largest tube)



yellow orche

burnt sienna (liqutex brand)

ultramarine blue

phtalo blue


canvas to paint on 11x14


#4 flat, #8 bright (2), #8 flat, #10 filbert

you may add to your brushes as time goes

always bring your own paper towels

Adult classes
 Wed. 9 am to noon
 Wed. 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Thur  9 am to noon

more class times possible in future.  Fee $30 per class or $100. per month

"Mission Statement: To inspire my artist to see the world with their "artist eyes". thus enhancing their drawing and painting skills.  To develop skills and mastery in all mediums starting with at their skills level. Building self-esteem and thus greater confidence in all areas of life."                                                       Regina Rose

    I offer fine art instruction in the old fashion way, Only adding, current themes to stay relevant and a bit of new technology by using tablets for our reference material.

With an emphasis on drawing skills always. 

I teach your child to see the world with "artist eyes" .   We learn to mix colors,  values, elements of art, composition and more.  Applying our mediums in a manner that pushes them to create masterpieces.

  We work in oil pastel, acrylic, watercolor, soft pastel and sculpting.


Classes are ongoing and kids are known to stay with me for years. As their art skills grow, self-confidence is built that will last a lifetime.

    With over twenty years teaching art: I love what I do & love to watch your child grow over the years. Come join me.