Supplies List

colors same for oil or acrylic

Titanium white (always get largest tube)



yellow orche

burnt sienna

ultramarine blue

phtalo blue


#4 flat, #8 bright (2), #8 flat, #10 filbert

you may add to your brushes as time goes

always bring your own paper towels

Adult classes

 Wed. 1 - 3 pm

 Wed. 6:30 - 8:30 pm

more class times possible in future.  Fee $30 per class or $100. per month.


"Mission Statement: To inspire my artist to see the world with their "artist eyes". thus enhancing their drawing and painting skills.  To develop skills and mastery in all mediums starting with at their skills level. To build self-esteem and thus greater confidence in all areas of life."                                                       Regina Rose